Falconry UK visited our October Half Term club as part of our OWLS theme, running workshops and providing amazing hands-on experiences. 

At our Holiday Clubs, children are offered a fabulous schedule of indoor and outdoor activities. They can learn to rollerskate, cook, create craft, have fun in the sun or simply chill out. Children can choose to take part in a very wide range of activities suitable for all ages and interests. Each week has a theme with associated activities running all week. Children can also choose to play freely with the many great toys and games available to them both inside and out.

Times: 8.30am – 5pm

Drop off and pick up from the English Street gate at Bonner Primary School (Mile End site)

We do not provide food: please make sure your child has a generous packed lunch, at least 2 good snacks and a labelled water bottle. We do not mind what you pack for your child but please: no nuts, including peanut butter. You may wish to include popcorn or a party snack on a Friday for our Friday Party and Film. It’s always helpful to pack a change of clothes too.

Be prepared to receive a tired but happy child at the end of the day!

Holiday Club, February Half Term 2022. Theme: CIRCUS SCHOOL

After School Themes and Stations

Children spend time at SPRING both indoors and outdoors daily and are always offered a choice. Our activities follow a weekly theme, with six stations: Theme, Arts and Crafts, EYFS, Quiet station, Physical Play and Free Play. As well as our planned activities, we run special clubs at least three times a week such as Cookery Club, Skate Club, Football Club and Film Club. Truly something for everyone!

Theme Weeks Spring Term 2022







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Booking Information

To book your child into one of our Club Centres, you need to register with us on our bookings page. Once you register you can manage your bookings.