. Our Holiday Clubs include a great range of activities to suit absolutely everybody. Booking is open now – but be quick; spaces fill up fast!


HOLIDAY CLUBS at Bonner Mile End and Chisenhale

We run fun filled activity weeks at Bonner Mile End and Chisenhale Primary for 9 weeks of the year: Summer, Easter and the February and October half terms. We do not operate holiday clubs over Christmas or in May half term.

Our clubs are small and include a great range of activities to suit absolutely everybody.

What’s different about our holiday clubs?

  • Well qualified staff, most with QTS or Level 3/Level 4 Early Years Educator
  • Specialist teachers, coaches and activities
  • Fabulous events
  • Play leaders who genuinely love their job
  • Excellent ratios – 1:8 or better for children aged under 8 and 1:15 or better for children aged 8+
  • Well planned activities to interest any age – check out the ACTIVITIES page for upcoming themes
  • Children aged 3-11 accepted
  • Enthusiasm in bundles!

Prices, hours and essential details:

We offer 5 day passes and ad-hoc passes (subject to availability). We release discounted weekly passes first, six weeks before the session start, and then ad-hoc daily passes for any spaces remaining are released about three weeks before. Passes cost from £34 per day for 830am-530pm. You need to register and book using our Magic Booking portal. You can find full details on our booking page.

You will receive an information email and a link to Class Dojo before the start of the club week. However, the majority of this information can be found on our website.

Drop off and pick up from the ROPERY STREET Nursery Gate at Bonner Primary School (Mile End site), and at the EYFS gate on Vivian Street at CHISENHALE.

We do not provide food: please make sure your child has a generous packed lunch, at least 2 good snacks and a labelled water bottle. It’s always helpful to pack a change of clothes too.

Be prepared to receive a tired but happy child at the end of the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

You need to register and book using our Magic Booking portal. You can find full details on our booking page.

Will you make my booking for me?

No, I’m afraid we will not. Please organise your own bookings and cancellations through the Magic Booking site.

What’s the cancellation policy?

We have a 1 hour cancellation policy. All refunds are in the form of Magic Booking credit. You can cancel any dates yourself on Magic Booking by choosing the “Amend Dates” option on your booking page.

Which group should I choose for my 5 or 7 year old?

Our groups are EYFS (Ages 3-5), KS1 (Ages 5-7) and KS2 (Ages 7-11) You should choose the key stage your child is in. In the summer children usually prefer the older group, but wither is suitable.

Can I swap my child’s group, or swap sites?

You need to book your child into the group and site you wish them to attend. If you have changed your mind and wish your child to be in a different group you will need to cancel your booking and rebook using the credit issued. We cannot do this for you and we cannot move children into a group they are not registered for.

Children can only attend a group advertised for their correct age.

Can I phone you?

We are a very small business and we run the admin alongside our day jobs. We do not have a phone line except for the clubs; this is used primarily for pick ups and collection and is only available during session hours. For anything admin related please email us at admin@springasc.co.uk. For anything related to the practicalities of the club day, please speak to the Club Manager in person at the gate, or on the club phone, or you could try messaging through Class Dojo.

Do you take Tax Free Childcare or childcare vouchers?

Yes! But please make sure you pay with the method you wish to use as we cannot refund and start again. You can find full details on our booking page.

Do you accept the 30 hour code?

At the moment we do not accept the 30 hour code. But we’re working on it.

I have already paid by TFC – why am I still getting reminder emails?

We need you to email us the amount, the date and the code used to pay through TFC. It can take us up to a week to reconcile accounts following a TFC payment. Please be patient and in the meantime ignore any reminder emails.

I am moving house – can I close my account?

If you no longer need your account with us, it can be deactivated or deleted. You can do this yourself in Magic Booking, or ask us. We will refund any credit you have but will need to charge you the small fee that Magic Booking charge us.

Can children with SEN attend your clubs?

We have many children with SEN at our clubs. We are a calm space and our staff are fabulous, so all children thrive with us. However we do not have dedicated high needs spaces and we cannot provide 1:1 support or specialist care. We do expect children to be able to manage in a busy Club environment, including having independence on the toilet and being able to act in a safe manner amongst others. If you have a child with SEN, please email us. We will discuss the details with you and may arrange a visit to your child’s school.

I messed up! Help!

Don’t worry! I’m sure we can help. Email us or speak with the manager on site. We are generally nice people, and as parents ourselves we know mistakes happen. We’ll work it out.

I need a letter for Universal Credit/for my university/some other reason. Can you do this?

Yes. Email us with what you need and make sure you allow a few days for us to process the letter for you.

What happens if I am late collecting my child?

Please don’t be. Our staff work hard and for very long hours – they deserve to go home on time. We also need to pay overtime to the school premises manager if we do not lock up on time. If there is an emergency, please phone us and update us – we will always try to help you in an emergency. In other circumstances please expect a late fee to be added to your account, and for repeated issues to result in your child’s place being withdrawn.

I’ve got feedback – who should I contact?

We get LOTS of lovely feedback and we love it.

Please do tell our staff directly if you have nice things to say! Please also email us and we will pass on. Our staff are really motivated and pleased when they are named in positive comments sent in to us. We would also appreciate Google reviews and lovely comments in your parent Whatsapp groups and school pages, etc.

If you have a suggestion for improvement or a complaint, please email us as admin@springasc.co.uk. We listen carefully.





Ofsted outstanding